Here and now

Rwy’n caru Cymru!

…the end.
Just came back from our trip down the welsh spine. We had chosen the worst week possible it seems. One sunny day. One. Afterwards it’s hide and seek with the sun and then the weather just started pouring on and over us, our paths and bridges. 

But the views and route (thanks Ian!) didn’t let us down. Snowdonia, Cadair Idris, Elenydd… we managed to cycle through three out of four mountain ranges that we had planned for ourselves – short of one sunny day and the Breacon Beacons we didn’t make it to the Bristol Channel. Now, just a day after, I look and the white fluffs floating on a blue background – is this the same place we were experiencing the last three days?

Our route. We made it past Elenydd
Strong rainfall and flooding forced us to bail out.

The forecast was good for nothing, we might as well have used pigeon’s intestines to foretell what was coming. The beginning of June was not dry and the temperatures above average. Yet there’s something special about driving down a green carpet made of spruce sprouts blown down by the gusts raving above our heads. Sometimes we would cover flat ground at a snail’s pace and shortly thereafter let the wind push us uphill with no effort at all.
Just at the beginning of our trip Pavel told me he’d love to cycle across a stream, by the end of day two we’d stopped counting there were so many. The last two days we stopped cycling across them altogether and started pushing and carrying our bikes through what were now regular rivers.
I’ll let those memories find their own place first, then I’ll write some more. In the meantime I have to take care of my bike it needs immediate attention.
There are notes, there are pictures, there are movies. It’s dry, it’s warm. Over and out.


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