If I didn’t have to work for money,
I’d become an arts or beauty admirer…
Buddy Lukas

Rough Sea by Mr. Div
 For the last couple of days non-twowheeled things were efficiently occupying my time and I’m afraid it will stay like that for a while. Nonetheless I’ve stumbled upon an interesting article by Dylan Kentch about his journey from Seattle to Patagonia which was fun to read. A couple of thoughts from the road and lessons learned:
Lesson 1: 
Stop and ask for directions, and look at a map.
Lesson 2:
Start your big bike trip with all the tools you need to fix your bike.
Lesson 3:
Go on your own bike trip, not someone else’s. Just because you can sleep in the dirt every night doesn’t mean you always should.
Lesson 4:
Don’t believe the hype—the world is full of good people.
Lesson 5:
Long trips are more a mental than physical challenge. Take care of yourself because if you don’t no one else will.

Lesson 5a:

A hot meal solves problems.



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