September memories #2 – Zywiec Beskids

Click on the soup and find the puppet’s belly,
something good might happen :-)
We have spent the evening of my arrival on chatting, playing with little Madzia, looking after Wiktoria attending her homework duties and preparing Marcin’s other bike for an excursion to the Zywiec Beskids mountain range we had planned before my visit.
Marcin’s bike, I was about to lend, needed some attention and changing from a rigid fork to a suspended one. Because of the terrain we were heading for I didn’t want to bounce around on my own rigid bike, my tires were clearly not fit for the job either.
Saturday morning we got in the car and drove off in the direction of Rycerka Gorna, where we had our base. I’ll never forget the horror of being Marcin’s passenger, luckily we arrived in one piece and we were still good friends ;-).

The bike wasn’t exactly a good fit, but I did without riding in a fetal position.
Much, much better than riding a fully rigid bike, thanks Marcin!.
Our departure in to the hills came quite late, first goal being the hut at Rycerzowa. We follow the blue trail first, up to the closed down hut Chyz u Bacy, then the red trail to reach our final destination for the day. A lot of hard pushing was involved to elevate us up the trail, yet the fantastic landscapes made me forget all about my pounding heart.
Taking a break just after finishing the hardest hike-a-bike climb.
In the hut we came upon a music festival called “Gitarą i Grulem” – this translates
into “(with) guitar and spud”. There was not much sleep after that but about 3 hours,
yet some good fun was involved.

Next morning we gear up and leave just past 7 a.m. The blue trail
was mostly ridable but at places full of slick roots  pointing
directly into steep drop offs.
Tea time at Przegibek pass.
The blue trail between Przegibek and Wielka Racza can be described with just one word,
Last break before reaching Wielka Racza, let Marcin’s smile speak for itself.
Beskidian landscape seen from Wielka Racza.
As a good bye gift the Beskids grant us with a great, long ride down the yellow trail to Rycerka. I even got to personally check the principles of gravity at work. No hard feelings or broken bones, just some dirty clothes.
All in all, since yesterday’s evening we rode and hiked a bit more than 30 km, yet I’ve felt it much more than the 140 km I’ve had made on my way to Marcin’s. It was a pitty to have to leave, but Marcin had work waiting for him next day. As for me, I was about to cycle through Silesia to get to Zabrze and meet Ola, Ala and Piotrek.



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