September memories #3 – Silesia

Already in the planning stage I had mixed feeling about riding through Lower Silesia. It is home to the most urbanized area in Poland and I was afraid I’d have to spend most of my time navigating roads and cities. I had all before my eyes; heavy traffic, smog, noise and whatnot. I couldn’t possibly be more wrong.

I still remember riding Silesia as one of the highlights of this trip, mostly passing through quiet lanes on fields, meadows, forests or along rivers. Silesian cities and factories where nothing but a background, timidly looming on the horizon.

I pack up together with Marcin. My original route was around 100 km long and was supposed to lead me through the Błędów Desert, but a change of plans at Ola’s and Piotrek’s ment we only had one day to meet eachother. I rather had my trip shortened and opted to hitchbike with Marcin up to Dąbrowa Górnicza where I would continue on two wheels. Thanks to that I only had around 50 km to cycle before reaching Zabrze. Marcin left me not far from the Pogoria reservoirs, I packed my bike and off I was.

Just past Będzin, on one of the fields, I decided to take a short break and help myself to my favorite carrot juice and a chocolate bar. Nothing keeps me going like a dose of liquids and sugar.
My next break came in Bytom, I just couldn’t let that lovely little pier, I’ve passed in one of the parks, go unnoticed and unused. I give Peter a quick call to tell him my whereabouts and arrival time. It wasn’t much left now, I was more than half way through.
Out of Bytom I take some tracks meandering local allotment gardens. Silesia is a lovely green place indeed!
As I near Zabrze and dig myself deeper into the heart of urban Silesia, I finally see its other face. I’m still on quiet roads though, where traffic is sparse and I can enjoy this industrial landscape in peace.
I reach Ola’s and Piotrek’s early afternoon and, after meeting little Ala, I take a quick shower. After that we all head for a long nice stroll. In the beginning Ala wasn’t too fond of that new guy who just came rolling on two wheels. Why, we just met, but not long into the evening we were buddies it seemed. All of us gathered at the table ample with food and would probably party into the morning if it wasn’t for that pesky Tuesday who already had it’s foot in the door. Ola, for preparing such a feast deserved a deep bow, and so does Piotrek for keeping the glass constantly wet. Thanks guys! :-)


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