Bunyan Velo No. 04

Bunyan Velo No. 4
Read it here

For the fourth time Bunyan Velo is gracing the depths of internet. With 200 pages it’s the biggest so far!
Spend some time enjoying fresh July air with Lael riding the calm back roads of Czech Republic and sipping local pivo in Červenec in Czech or climb Peruvian heights of El Silencio with Cass in This is not the gringo trail. Why drink your morning coffee at home, when you can grab a bike, pack a stove and have a brew on your commute with Rob in #Coffeoutside!
There’s 14 great stories waiting for you.
As for me? I’m happy and I’m riding and a 1, 2, 3, 4…

6 thoughts on “Bunyan Velo No. 04

  1. Thanks Jeff, I've enjoyed reading your piece about Bottoms. Such places shouldn't be taken for granted and enjoyed even if you have to bend some rules :-) It's cool that local authorities see it the same way.


  2. Dzięki Artur, taki odbiór cieszy. Którą częścią Wojtka i Agi jesteś, bo widzę że dziarsko przed siebie pedałują od niemałego czasu? :-)


  3. Aga już nie pedałuje ze mną od jakiegoś czasu a ja właśnie zakończyłem wyprawę w Ushuaia. Artur i Wojtek to jedna osoba o rozdwojonej jaźni :). Pozdro!



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