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  • Tales On Tyres – Franzi and Jona, trashing rubber on the Pan-Am
  • Big wheel buildingMike Curiak, pedaling big rubber on rock and snow, paddling small rubber on big river
  • Bike grease and coffee – Kurt Sandiforth, PanAm on a Surly Pugsley
  • Burning saddles Witalij Surowcew, bikepacking Crimean delights (Russian)
  • Casey GreenPackbiking in the USA
  • FatcyclingGina Bruckner and Dan Mattison, fatbike touring from Mexico to Ushuaia
  • Getting nowhere – Ania Poltorak and Mateusz Emeschajmer, adventures in Asia on land and water
  • Gypsy by tradeNicholas Carman, ridin’ bikes and travelin’ light
  • Lael’s globe of adventure – Lael Wilcox, always on the move
  • Life is a journeySaska Bellian, head in the clouds feet on the pedals (Slovenian)
  • Mike HowarthExploring, dreaming and discovering the world on a bike
  • North-SouthMichal Salaban, pannier touring Europe and Africa from tip to toe
  • OffrouteKnut Kitching and Skyler Des Roches, on bikes about bikes
  • Pedaling in placeJoe Cruz, godfather of fatbike touring
  • Protect yourself – Steve Fassbinder, rock climbin’, bike ridin’, raft paddlin’ Republic of Doom
  • TuptamJustyna, Wojtek, Hania i Marianka Bronowscy, shiny happy traveling family (Polish)
  • While out ridingCass Gilbert, dirt road cycling all over the place
  • (Un)Inspired ramblings – Chris Goodman, bikepacking Western Europe