At the end of the World: Zyndranowa to Lupkow and beyond After sleeping in my tent for the past days I’ve decided it was high time for some luxury – a couch on the porch seemed like the perfect solution. The warm and breezy night was shared with a guest cat. You never sleep alone in the hills… On the evening of my arrival another […]

Dirt road to company: Krynica Zdroj to Zyndranowa Woken up by the first bits of sun dissolving in the air above my tent I step onto cold grass. With the stove set up for coffee I go for a walk on the meadow and enjoy the first glimpses of a day to come. Checking in with my map I see one particular […]

Goodbyes, Hellos: Szczawnica to Krynica Zdroj A coke, a bottle of water and a tiny portion of chicken soup is all I had to eat other day. Waking up and feeling actual appetite was a great relief. Checking in with Nick and Lael reveals we’re all fine and fit for the road ahead. Breaking camp is much more pleasant […]