Surly Pugsley – about being fat and ugly

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference. Robert Forst Moving places brought a welcome change in surroundings, climate, landscapes… basically everything. Gone are the hilly tarmac roads, moist seaside air and vast, barren moorlands. All replaced by flat as a table […]

Surly Pugsley – new shoes

A couple of months ago I became a happy owner of a yellow fatty monster, a Surly Pugsley that is. Not everything from the original specs suited me and at first I considered assembling the bicycle from parts, according to my wants and needs – more wants than needs I guess. Unfortunately used frames do […]

BIG changes are coming (?)

…like anybody I find I’m drawn to things that sometimes seem all wrong.Dominique Fraissard I guess I’m sick of pushing, especially when there’s a chance I could still be pedaling…. Winter, some 900 days ago, white, new rubber, fancy… with spikes… Into the forest! no can do, to thin, cutting into the cold crust… Head […]

Elenydd – supplement

If there is no content, then we may put there all sorts of content. Cruise by Enduro Me …yet another setup post. As I have already written my Elenydd trip didn’t go without setbacks mistakes. Apart from underestimating the difficulties of the moorland crossings and lack of warm clothing for my limbs (eg. VBL socks […]