Eat like kings, ride like fools. Masurian delights.

Claus – with all the calmness he could muster at this moment – grabbed the knob with the remaining three fingers of his left hand and pushed the door away from him. Scorching July sun made his pupils constrict instantly and at the same time droplet of sweat rolled down behind his well ironed shirt […]

Red and Black on Borzawa: Cisna to Volovec to Stryj Always remember, nature can last without mankind,  but mankind without nature is lost Entering Poloniny National Park on the other side of the border it’s all green and all downhill. Slovakia welcomes me with tarmac roads turned gravel. Only a faint, thin grey line bears the memory of more civilized times. The only signs […]

At the end of the World: Zyndranowa to Lupkow and beyond After sleeping in my tent for the past days I’ve decided it was high time for some luxury – a couch on the porch seemed like the perfect solution. The warm and breezy night was shared with a guest cat. You never sleep alone in the hills… On the evening of my arrival another […]

Dirt road to company: Krynica Zdroj to Zyndranowa Woken up by the first bits of sun dissolving in the air above my tent I step onto cold grass. With the stove set up for coffee I go for a walk on the meadow and enjoy the first glimpses of a day to come. Checking in with my map I see one particular […]

Goodbyes, Hellos: Szczawnica to Krynica Zdroj A coke, a bottle of water and a tiny portion of chicken soup is all I had to eat other day. Waking up and feeling actual appetite was a great relief. Checking in with Nick and Lael reveals we’re all fine and fit for the road ahead. Breaking camp is much more pleasant […]