Red Rocks are silent – cycling the Kokopelli Trail and Lockhart Basin Road

Many people that we met along our travels in the US told us that Utah is their favorite state. “It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” they would say. But how can you comprehend something never experienced, never seen, touched nor smelled? Would it be as grandiose as the high peaks of Colorado, more engaging than […]

Chasing sun spells – Highlands to West Coast to Hebrides

With the worst rain behind us and some uncertain clouds circling around we leave Fort William and follow the blue on blue thistle marked trail posts leading us north out of town and along the Caledonian Canal. The canal has been envisioned in the late 18th century as a way to connect the east and west coasts of Scotland and thus omitting the dangerous waters of Cape Wrath in the far north, but it also served a revitalizing role to the Highlands, desolate after a series of English laws and actions known as the Highland Clearances forced many a Scotsman to search for personal freedom of playing bagpipes, wearing tartan and most importantly speaking Gaelic in places such as North America and Australia. Nowadays the canal serves as a tourist attraction and forms the backbone of what is known as the Great Glen Way, a long distance trail connecting Fort William in the west with Inverness in the east.

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Eat like kings, ride like fools. Masurian delights.

Claus – with all the calmness he could muster at this moment – grabbed the knob with the remaining three fingers of his left hand and pushed the door away from him. Scorching July sun made his pupils constrict instantly and at the same time droplet of sweat rolled down behind his well ironed shirt […]